Top Tips for Finding Cost-Effective Limousine Hire

Contrary to what you might believe, cheap limo hire can be found if you make the effort to look for it.

In fact, that can even include stretch limo hire.

Of course, assertions are fine but what could you actually do to try and access low-cost limo hire services? Some of the following tips might help:

  1. Where possible, plan ahead. If you do that you'll be able to take your time in searching out the best deals.
  2. Shop around. Getting various quotations and comparing them might not strike you as an exciting pastime but it's important because tariffs can vary widely. Be careful though to make sure you're comparing like with like. The person using their beaten up old car, possibly illegally, as a rentable limo is likely to offer rates that a professional executive limousine hire company couldn't and probably wouldn't wish to match. Would you really wish to buy services of that type and take a chance on your safety and perhaps insurance cover? It might not be a smart idea!
  3. Share the cost. If you can get colleagues or friends involved and split the cost with them, it'll obviously be easier on your wallet. A slight variation on that might be indicating to the limousine provider that you'd be willing to share the vehicle. It's perhaps a long shot but they might have (eg) two airport runs to do at roughly the same time for you and AN other, with you both looking to keep your costs down.
  4. Take advice. Instead of just calling up with your own version of what you see as the solution, why not pass your requirements to the limo hire company and let them come up with the most cost-effective solution for your cheap limo hire needs? That might even include giving them the maximum budget you have to work with. You might be surprised at how flexible they could be and the worst-case scenario is only that they'll say " sorry can't help ". So, you've nothing to lose.
  5. Hire by the hour. Not all limousine hire companies offer this type of deal but some do and it could save you a lot over those 'minimum half-day hire' types of provider.
  6. Don't get fixated on a given vehicle. This is linked to point '4' above and involves not demanding the most prestigious (and therefore expensive) model the provider has in their fleet just because it's the most glamorous.
  7. Manage your schedule to minimise hire time. Asking luxury limos to stand around waiting for you can be expensive. So, if you can bring a meeting forward or put it back so that it dovetails better into your diary, you'll need your car for less time and that'll save money. This also links again into point '4' because the limo hire company might be able to offer you a better deal between say 9-10am if they have spare capacity rather than on the same day at 11-12am if they already have heavy demand. Flexibility can be important.

If you take some of the above steps, you might find that luxury limousine hire is a lot more affordable than you'd think.