Top Myths About Stretch Limousines

Here are some of the top myths often heard about stretch limousines.

  1. Most stretch limousines are road-illegal. No, they’re not! This has its origin in the position decades ago.

No fully professional provider of stretch limousines hire would consider for even a second operating a stretch limo that wasn’t legally compliant.

However, SOME (a very few) rogue private operators have been known to customise their vehicles way outside of legal limits. Only hire stretch limos from reputable companies.

  1. You can’t get everywhere in a ‘stretchie’. Well, obviously there are some practical limitations. You couldn’t get an ordinary car down a tiny track fit only for motorbikes and stretch limousines, like any vehicle, will need to be driven on roads that are suitable for them.

However, this just isn’t a real issue in typical terms. For the vast majority of urban or suburban roads, you won’t have a problem with access. Some off-road tracks outside of town might be an issue but then again, many limo hire companies won’t take ordinary limos off-road anyway – so no difference there.

  1. You can cram dozens of people into one of these. Not if they’re being driven on the road you can’t. A stretch limousine will have a maximum legal seating capacity specified by law. No hire company is going to allow you to exceed that.

Of course, some stretchies are used as a base for entertainment and they might contain bars, music systems and video entertainment etc. You may be able to get lots of people seated inside to share in that fun – providing the vehicle’s stationary. Driving off with dozens aboard might be different though. Your hiring company will explain the exact limits for your vehicle.

  1. Hiring these is only for the rich. This is one of the most commonly-encountered myths that surround these great vehicles.

These limousines are used for a huge variety of different things including weddings, business meetings, school graduations, hen or stag parties and lots more. So, clearly they’re not the preserve of rock stars, oil billionaires or heads of state.

In fact, you’ll most likely be staggered at how reasonable it is to rent one of these for a few hours. Why not check and see?

  1. They’re very hard to drive. No, they’re not but they do take some special skills and training.

If you think about it, people can learn to drive MUCH more challenging vehicles than a stretch limousine. However, given that you’re unlikely to need one every day, you might question why you’d bother getting to grips with buying one then learning to drive it. Just hire one when you need it and let a professional chauffeur do the work for you.

  1. They’re all about ostentation not practicality. This might be a matter of opinion but most people would disagree.

True, some stretch limousines are ‘statement’ vehicles that are designed to be provocative. Others though are incredibly practical, offering not only increased seating capacities but also high-tech business support of the ‘office on wheels’ variety if you’re travelling.

These vehicles can be as practical as you need them to be!