9 Golden Rules for Tipping a Limousine Chauffeur

A number of people hire limousines for their wedding ceremonies, proms, anniversaries or birthday celebrations. Other individuals choose limos for reliable travelling after a night of drinking. When traveling in a limousine, the chauffeur is the host for the night. He is accountable for keeping you and the car safe, as well as for being professional and polite.

Tipping has fast become part of American’s life style and an essential part of numerous hospitality workers’ pay. You’re tipping for the moment, and for upcoming service. If you’re a regular loyal client, you would like to be remembered. You’re tipping because somebody was handy. Service gratuity has been out there for a long time, and the tradition is definitely an implicit and recognized one between tipper and tipee.

Encourage the chauffeur for his time and energy with an acceptable tip. Some of chauffeur driven car customers commonly point out that their chauffeur went above and beyond the normal standard of service. On the other hand, if chauffeur is rendering a service which is not good, don’t reward him.

Finding out the way to tip a limo chauffeur can be challenging. Folks are usually undecided about the right amount to tip their chauffeur, what to do about unprofessional conduct or whether the gratuity is included to the bill.

Check out these guidelines in order to have confidence about tipping a limousine chauffeur once the night comes to a close.

1. Contact the limo service provider prior to the night of the occasion. Inquire if gratuity is automatically included with your bill. If it’s, you may tip your chauffeur an extra amount if you think his service was outstanding.

2. Notice your chauffeur throughout the night. Was he familiar with the location? Did he take care of your requests? Did he assist you with luggage and getting in and out of the vehicle? Take mental note of when he did more than the standard.

3. Don’t reward substandard service – inform them you were disappointed, even if it means giving a note showing the reason why there’s no extra tip added to the bill.

4. Always give tips in cash, giving them straight to the tipee whenever you can. This fashion, you’re making sure the right individual is being thanked, and that the company can’t skim a portion of it.

5. Work out the tip at the conclusion of the night event from the total. If the service was normal, apply a 15 to 20 % tip.

6. If the service was below par, 10 % or lesser is suitable.

7. A 25 % reward is offered to outstanding service.

8. If you’ve got a calculator, just multiply your bill’s total by 0.1 for 10 %, 0.15 for 15 %, 0.2 for 20 % and 0.25 for 25 %.

9. Appreciate your chauffeur profusely. Endorse the service to your buddies when you had a great experience.

A few occasions justify an additional tip. If you’re hiring a limo on vacation or if the driver has performed something outstanding think about tipping him with an additional reward. In case you and your party have dirtied the limousine beyond normal expectations, give the driver an additional tip since he possibly has to wash the limo when he will return it to the company.

Grounds for Tipping the Limo Chauffeur

Planning for outing and journey requires arrangement of resources. I you are planning to arrange a trip with friends so you must need to hire a limo with chauffeur for your journey. Giving some extra money to chauffeur than his actual ride fee is called tip. Normally people did not hesitate to give tip to waiters and consider it as a status symbol but often neglected to tip your drivers.

Tipping is the matter of social etiquettes in any society while it also depends on the cultures. In some cultures it is considered as insult and discourages by the society. On the other hand some consider it as right and encourages tipping in the society because it is granted against service provider exceptional services.

Chauffeurs greet you with great smile, take your luggage and handle with great care, open door for you to sit, have refreshment items for you, consider your choice of music, dropped you at your destination on time with safety, drive carefully, ask about the route which you want to follow and perform any duties for you. If you think that you are satisfied with all his service you should tip the driver with actual fair obviously if are not satisfied you did not. It depends on you that how much you want give as tip to your driver but some suggest that tip should be 10% to 20%.

For normal services ______tip 10%

For good services ________tip 15%

For exceptional services ______tip 20%

With these guidelines in hand, you’ll be an expert in the art of tipping your chauffeur and become a favorite customer too.

Some service providing companies automatically included the amount of tip in your bill. So in such cases you will not have to pay additionally. While company does not pre calculated the amount of tip in advance so use your right to give him tip. The most important thing everyone should be kept in his mind, to be respectful with your chauffeur when you are giving gratuity to him. Because it is your discretion whether you pay or not, the driver did not demand it and he has self respect. The customer will pay only if he recognizes his efforts.

While deciding whether to tip or not must consider some codes.

Was the chauffeur punctual?

Was he behaved well?

Was he driving safely?

Was the vehicle clean?

Was he performing any exceptional duty if it is needed?

Was he performing good customer care services?

Was the vehicle equipped with fresh refreshment items (if you ordered)?