How Much Does A Limo Cost?

How much does a limousine ride cost? If you are on this page, chances are that you are thinking of hiring one, for the first time. Since there are different types of limos out there, choosing one can be hard for you. In fact, it can be a bit intimidating. Given below are a few things that you may want to consider before renting one. The tips given below can help you hire the right service in addition to cut down the rent you have to pay. Without further ado, let us go over the tips.

1. Opt for the right style

If you are looking to rent a stretch limo, know that not all of them are the same. You may have to choose from one that can accommodate the number of guests you want to travel with. Each car comes with a different price tag. So, make sure you opt for the right type of car. Renting the wrong one will create problems down the road, as you won’t be able to accommodate all of your guests. Therefore, you may want to hire the right one to avoid embarrassment.

2. Rent one on weekends

Just like other services, limos are in high demand during a few months due to greater demand. It’s understood that the price of the limo will be higher during the high demand period. For instance, on the weekends, the rental fee may be higher. On the other hand, Tuesdays can be a lot slower.

3. Rental period

The majority of service providers charge by the hour. And the hourly rate can be between $75 and $300 based on the style and company you are going to choose. At times, some companies have a minimum hours requirement. So, you won’t be allowed to rent for one or two hours.

4. Gratuity

Each company has its own rules as far as handling gratuity is concerned. Some providers will add the gratuity to the rental fee. Some will charge it separately. Therefore, if you are going to call for a quote, don’t forget to talk about the gratuity.

Usually, companies add gratuity to the rental cost if their limo is going to be rented for a wedding, as they know that the bride and groom won’t carry cash with them during the ride.

Limo Costs: Final words

So, there are a lot of factors that will have an impact on the rental fee. Therefore, it’s important that you sit with the manager and talk about the total cost.

If possible, you may hire the service on weekdays in order to save some money. However, if you have to hire one during the busy days, make sure you rent it for a few more days so that the cost can be reduced. For instance, you can rent one for a longer period for a special event, such as Wine Tours.

Lastly, when renting a limo service, make sure you get the most out of your money. Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful.

Ideal Limo Hire: Quality Beats Cost

A limousine is a perfect transport option when you are looking for luxury and comfort. It offers all the required amenities that a traveler wants. In the previous years, hiring a limo was considered as an expensive option. Therefore, these were specially reserved for the occasions and events. But, today, every individual can easily afford the limousine service due to its expansion. Actually, the problem shifts from hiring to finding the best limo hire services.

While renting this lavish transport, you must know that no two operators offer the same service. This is also one of the points to be taken into account to get your money’s right worth. So, you must keep your eyes wide open to acquire the limo of the right cost and services.

Below are some aspects that you need to consider to minimize the price.

5 Factors to Consider While Searching a Quality Limo in Less Cost

The Right Limo

At the first stage, it is important to pick the right limo. Palpate your requirements, occasion, or any other event, and then look for the convenient vehicle. Even, you can also choose the color of the vehicle according to your wish. It will greatly impact on the ceremony. If it is your kid’s birthday party, then go with some bright color. On the flip side, go with the off-beat color, if it is of elderly people.

Hire Multiple Limousines

If you need to hire more than one limousine, then make sure that you should inform your company earlier. It will be quite beneficial for you. The companies offer you a certain discount. For this, you have to compare different price quotes and then choose the one, which offers a discount on bulk services.

Interior Comfort with Number of Days and Guests

The next important factors are the days, guests, and the interior service. Check these parameters and then proceed towards the limo hiring service. After the days and the guests, make sure that the limo has equipped with all the required amenities. So, inspect the vehicle comprehensively before you decide.

Book Limo During the Off-Peak Time

It happens that the limousines are quite expensive during the peak time, like- at weekends, and during vacations, and wedding seasons. If you look at any of these occasions, then it will be quite expensive for you. Alternatively, if you book off the peak season, then you may save up to 25% of the total amount.

Be in Touch with the Company

It is good to make a good bonding with a particular company. So, if you need the limo hire services more often, then follow the agency on social media and other platforms. There are many chances that you will receive some great discounts, offers, discount coupons, and codes. No doubt, it will save your many bucks and allow you to take the benefit of the delightful services.