Spark a Trend by Hiring a Wedding Limo Service on Your Exquisite Moment

Create your first unique impression and articulate your style by investing in a deal that is lucrative as well as classy.

Now with a Limo on hire, you can truly make your wedding royal and live up the Prince Charming fairytale. Limo Rental services with their world class offerings can help make your wedding day a memorable and an unforgettable event.

Speaking of the services that service providers offer, they must be well experienced, adroitly trained and must possess a touch of delicacy. They must possess an excellent track record when it comes to transporting newly wedded couples.

The Royalty that is a Limo

The limo you hire will be well-equipped with contemporary, best-in-class amenities like a row of champagne, mineral water bottles, clean glasses, napkins, tissue papers and so on.

The Chauffeur Matters

The highly competent and skilled chauffeurs offer a royal treatment to the wedded couple and see to it that every last wish of the bride or groom does not fall on deaf ears. He should be courteous, dressed in an austere attire and must be wearing a warm and welcoming smile on his face.

Ineffably time conscious, venerable, well-dressed, polished mannerisms and highly secure driving skills are some of the qualities the limo chauffeurs must hold.

Choice of the Fleet

The limo service provider should have an exotic range of limos; all equipped with latest GPS technologies and the best in class features.

Some of the limos in wedding businesses are Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lincoln Stretch Limo, Cadillac Escalade Limo, Infinity QX80 Limo, Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi.

Price Matters

It is observed generally that for a majority of wedded couples a 3-hour Wedding package simply serves the purpose and transport the bride and groom to the auspicious wedding location and thereafter to the wedding reception, leaving an ample amount of time to spend inside the limo uninterruptedly and capture the glamour of the world outside.

It is recommended to go in for wedding limo services that offer such small duration packages which are flexible to extend it a few hours if required.

Special Guests

Sometimes you have guests who are very important to you and you would want them to be greeted in a way which not only makes them feel unexpectedly important but also leave a mark that speaks of your wedding arrangement very highly.

You just need to update the information on the Limo Rental service provider’s website or need to conduct a meeting in person so as to arrange for pick-up facilities from Airport or nearby train station.

Intense care and devotion are the primary qualities any limo service provider must possess. With technology, booking of a Limo service has become much easier. With professional service providers one can book a wedding limo online, or through their Android app or even WhatsApp. The advantage of visiting the website is that one gets to take a look at the various Limos and make an appropriate choice before booking. With online payment facility, these kinds of services are friendly and affordable too.

Reasons to Make Use of a Limo Service

Remember if you are driving to the busy airport or in rush hour city traffic, you are going to arrive at your destination stressed, frustrated and probably angry. You are going to feel like pulling your hair out and it’s going to take some time to put on that brilliant smile and start enjoying yourself. Now imagine arriving in style, completely stress free and relaxed. That is what limo services do, they provide you with a stress free and enjoyable ride to wherever you need to go on any day and at any time.

You will be on time, even when traffic appears to be at a standstill. If you use a reputable company their drivers will constantly check traffic reports and if you are heading to the airport, they will stay updated with flight times to ensure you arrive where you need to be on time every time. They know short cuts, they know the area like the back of their hand and they know how to get around traffic without compromising your journey in any way.

A limo service offers you sheer luxury. Whether you choose a sedan, stretch limo or SUV styled limo, you are guaranteed to have a luxurious drive complete with all the modern bells and whistles you would expect, including a fully stocked bar, Wi-Fi and so much more. All the modern day amenities you need when travelling on the road.

You don’t have to worry about the driver listening in on you private conversations as all limousines come with privacy glass which moves up and down between the passengers and driver. This will enable you to speak on the phone openly and feel confident in the back seat knowing the driver isn’t interested in who you are talking to or what you are talking about.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind that your driver will be fully trained, experienced and insured. These drivers know the area well and have extensive experience driving these extra long vehicles. The benefit to this is that you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Imagine the time you are going to save when you arrive at your destination. If you take your own vehicle, you would have sat in traffic, you will feel frustrated and then when you arrive, you have to start searching for parking. Not the ideal situation. When you take advantage of a limo service, your driver will drop you at the door and will be there to pick you up without any hassle or fuss.

Another reason you may want to consider using a limo service when heading to the airport for business travel is that you can work while you are transported. This means you get to spend a bit more time with your family before you have to leave, catching up on those last minute presentations or reports in the car, which you can email on to your office using the free Wi-Fi service.

Finally, if you are heading to a party or end of year function you won’t be able to have a drink if you are driving yourself. With a limo service you can have a few drinks and still arrive home safely at the end of the night.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Limousine Service Company

When shopping around for a limousine it’s always a good idea to do some research about the Limousine Company that will be chauffeuring you and your guests around on your special day. Here are some factors that you might want to consider when hiring a limousine company for your wedding, birthday party, business trip, sporting event and special occasions.

The number one factor that should drive your investment into a limousine company is the professionalism of the company and their limo drivers. The limo driver, or chauffeur, will be with you the entire event. Ask the limousine company who their chauffeurs are and if they can guarantee friendly and professional chauffeurs. Having the right chauffeur on your wedding day will give you the ease of mind and take away some of your stress for your big day!

The second most important element is to find out which limo vehicles are available for your special day and what condition they are in. You always want to ask the limo company if all their cars are fully insured and if they have had any recent problems, accidents, safety issues that you should know about. Try to use a search engine to find reviews about the limo service company before you decide to hire them.

The last question you should ask a limousine company is about price. This is because price should not be a defining factor in your decision when choosing a limousine service. Each limousine company will have its own price tag associated to their limo services. It is a very bad idea to choose a limo company simply because they offer the best price. Instead, it’s a better approach to call up different companies and ask them about their services first, and what your day can be like by choosing them, and not worry about if they are $100 cheaper than the rest. A limousine service is about the luxury and the event, therefore choosing the cheapest and most affordable limo service may not always give you the best value for your buck. The lowest advertised price is not always the best service, but that doesn’t mean the highest advertised price is any better. It just means you need to do some research and find out the service details first and then compare to see what service is best for you and your special event!

A Limo for Prom Is Still the Best Choice – Don’t Follow the Quick Car Service Trend

Quick call car services are quickly becoming a popular way to get around in the fast-paced lifestyles of today. These services are simple enough to use when downloading the apps to a smartphone, and a driver is sure to be close enough to pick up the couple fast and get them to a restaurant or prom on time. While this seems to be the transportation method of the future and preferred by most, there are also many reasons that a young couple should avoid it, especially on such a memorable night as prom.

When it comes to transportation, prom limo service may be a more practical choice, and there are several reasons why.

Arrive in Style

An on call car service is a basic method to get where the couple needs to be. There’s no doubt that it is cheap, but there’s a reason. When renting a ride from one of the companies offering this service, one shouldn’t expect a nice vehicle or one that could potentially make a statement. Don’t expect to impress anyone, let alone a date.

When prom limo service is chosen, the renter is paying for complete style along with a stellar experience like no other. Special events to include prom, corporate conventions, weddings and more are not the same when a limo isn’t the mode of transportation. Most limo rental companies have many choices outside the traditional prom limo service to include hummers, coaches, stretch limos and hummers and sedans, even party buses of the group wants to ride together!

Professional drivers and staff along with these luxurious and sleek vehicles will make the night more memorable than one could ever imagine.

Support a Great Business

On call car services have been under the microscope lately as they don’t treat their drivers like true employees. They aren’t guaranteed a fair payment, no insurance, and absolutely no overtime. While it’s their choice to sign up and drive, it feels good to hire a driver for prom limo service that is being paid to create an experience rather than get the travel party to their destination as quickly as possible.

So if supporting an honorable business is important, then stick to a well rated, insured company that offers a variety of vehicles and is dedicated to not only a safe arrival, but a great time.

A Professional Experience

There is a lack of professionalism with on call car services. No one knows what type of driver they’ll get. Will they be rude or crazy? It’s definitely a chance that most aren’t willing to make, especially when they can secure prom limo service from a professional driver who’s gone through a background check and is deemed a safe and trustworthy person.

Just take a look at the latest stories going around that involve these instant car services and the type of experiences passengers have had. Does ruining a prom night because of an erratic driver sound like a good time? Most will say no, which is why the comfort and security of a professional limo service is still the very best choice for prom limo service.

Drivers are respectful and professional from start to finish, and cater to luxury and comfort. It’s not just getting from one place to another, it’s adding to the special evening as much as possible to make it even better.

Make Plans ASAP!

Finalize prom limo service plans now so there’s no stressing over it later. Limos book quickly so it’s important to secure it a few months out from the big night. Make sure a limo rental company is chosen that is committed to customer satisfaction, reliable, and knowledgeable of the area. Finally, be sure drivers have gone through background checks that are extensive so that the couple or couples will be safe.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Limo Service?

Limo services are known for their many benefits, such as their dashing looks, spacious interiors and security features. But like any other type of transportation, it has a few disadvantages as well. If you’re trying to weigh up the advantages of limousine transportation against its drawbacks, then here are some points for you to ponder on:

Expensive cost

Since a limo is grander and more spacious than other vehicles, it comes as no surprise that limo car services can be a bit more expensive than the usual car rental services. You also need to pay for driver services and additional gas costs, since it uses more fuel than other automobiles available for rent. Although the fees might be high, you can be assured of quality services.

Difficult to park

Another disadvantage of a limousine is that it is terribly hard to park. Even if you’re going to a place where there is a big parking lot, the space for the limo will definitely be an issue. The limousine might have to cover three slots for parallel parking, which means you have to pay three times the parking fee. If you want to save money on parking fees for your limo car rental, you can ask the driver to drop you off and pick you up once you are done with your event.

Harder to drive

While you’re not the one who’s going to drive the limousine, you can expect your driver to have difficulties maneuvering this long, classy vehicle. Limos are hard to operate especially in tight streets. They also have polished rims and wheels which make them prone to skidding and slipping accidents. Should you decide to hire a limo for your trip, make sure to ask for an experienced driver so you can feel safe behind its tinted windows.

Accident-prone tinted windows

While you might enjoy a limousine for its privacy, the fact of the matter is it increases your accident risk. The chauffeur will find it hard to see with tinted windows, especially in foggy, snowy or rainy areas. If you want to enjoy limo car services minus this scary threat, then make sure you’re headed for sunny destinations with 100% visibility.

Accident-prone noise-proof feature

For maximum privacy, most limousines are equipped with a noise-proof feature. This, however, can be bad for the driver since he won’t be able to hear the honking from other vehicles. If noise is not a big deal for you, try to rent limo cars which are not sound-proofed in order to remain safe throughout your journey.

The possibility of unscrupulous chauffeurs

If you don’t hire a respectable limo service because you want to save money, chances are you’ll end up with an unscrupulous chauffeur who might charge you additional fees for services they have provided that you have not asked for. Prevent this occurrence from ever happening by hiring the services of a trustworthy limousine car company.

While there are several disadvantages of limousine services, it’s just a matter of choosing the right place and occasion to rent one. Make sure to keep these things in mind so you can keep safe before you sign up for a limo lease.